OKComputerGuy is a local Oklahoma City home-based business. We are fully registered with the secretary of the State of Oklahoma, We are fully business insured, and we are a legitimate Oklahoma LLC. We strictly pay our taxes and follow all Oklahoma regulations just like every other legitimate business should. Working out of my home allows me to offer you the lowest possible prices! Check out our hard earned reviews on Google and Facebook!

Let me introduce myself

A little bit about me

My name is Jesse. I'm a professional, respectful, red-headed, animal loving, 37-Year old, local Oklahoma guy and I have made a career out of fixing computers. I've been doing it for over 25 years! I went to school at Moore/Norman Technology Center. I worked at Dell for 4 years. I managed over 300+ systems for Petra Industries in Edmond. Now, I own OKComputerGuy LLC and I'm looking to break the stereotype that computer repair is outrageously expensive and I.T. guys are pushy know-it-alls.

What's important to you?

I have almost 20+ years of experience, I have my A+ certification, and my BCNE certification, and all those nifty peices of paper. But, While having certifications, experience, and knowledge is important, I also take pride in being considerate, patient, and understanding. If you prefer to follow along with me,I can talk you through the issue, what I'm doing to fix it, and how to prevent it from occurring again in the future. I will speak in terms that a normal human can understand and keep the computer jargon to a minimum. I want you to feel comfortable and I want you to ask as many questions as you want. If you are the type of person that wants it done and over-with as quickly and efficiently as possible then I can accomodate you as well. I'm confident and proud of my abilities and I look forward to working with and getting you back up and running.

Personal Information

How to contact me

Deepak Bhagya

Jesse Edgar
Phone number: (405)326-4011
E-Mail: JesseEdgar1@gmail.com

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I'm very proud to have an almost perfect rating out of 155+ Google reviews! You can read them by clicking here!

What can I do for you?

Do any of the below scenarios feel familiar?

Hardware issues

  • Freezing, hanging, and blank screens

    Tired of staring a blank screen?

    My computer won't even turn on now!!

    Black screen but I see the mouse cursor!

    Screen just turns blue and shows a bunch of white text!

    My computer keeps turning off randomly when I'm working!

  • Slow down and long start times

    This computer is just too SLOW!

    My computer takes 30 minutes to start. That's if it even starts!!

    I can't even get on the internet it's so slow!

    All I want to do is work but it's frustratingly slow and won't open my files!

    All I want to do is look at my email, why is that so hard to do?

  • Mice, Keyboards, Printers, ect...

    My stuff won't even work!

    My printer worked just fine and then all of a sudden it just stopped!

    What happened to my mouse and keboard? They just decided to quit on me!

    I just want my Wifi to work with my desktop!

    I plug my phone in but NOTHING happens??! I just want to see my pictures!

Software issues

  • Pop-ups, viruses, and other unwanted software

    That's it! I'm throwing it out the window!

    Please remove all the pop-ups and craziness on my computer!

    I just want my computer to be like it was when I bought it!

    I think I have a virus! Is my personal information safe? PLEASE HELP!

    I let my child on my computer for 15 seconds and now it is practically useless.

  • Microsoft Office, Windows, and Anti-Virus

    Do I really have to pay for all of this stuff??

    I lost my recovery disks! Do I have to purchase windows all over again?

    My anti-virus wants more money? Do I really need to pay for it? (Hint: NO!!!)

    My computer didn't come with Microsoft Word!?

    Please get rid of all these programs I don't use!

  • Forgotten Passwords, setting up windows, and software installation

    I had all of my passwords written down around here somewhere!!?

    I forgot my password and now I can't get into windows. Please don't tell me I lost all my files!

    I purchased this machine off craigslist/Garage Sale/Family member and they didn't give me the password to get in. Did I just waste my money??

    I have a brand new printer but I have NO IDEA how to set it up and it's so heavy!

    I got the computer, but I don't know how to set it up. I just want to see my e-mail and open microsoft word. Can you help me set it up??

Why choose me over the other guys?

A+ Certification
Over 20 years of Laptop and computer repair experience!
Always on time and efficient.
Courteous, patient, and respectful.
I stand by my work. If I can't fix it, you won't pay a penny.
Dedicated. Your time is valuable, so I won't waste it.

Lets do this! How do we get started?

Lets get you back up and running!


Monday Through Friday - 10AM-6PM (Calls accepted until 7PM)

Saturday - 12PM-6PM (Calls accepted until 7PM)

Sunday - Only Calls accepted on

Call or Text - (405)326-4011
E-Mail me at: JesseEdgar1@gmail.com

Drop Off Repair

The easy and affordable way to get your Desktop or Laptop repaired. Software issues are a $40 flat Rate Fee. No hourly rates or Diagnostic Fees. This helps me keep my costs low (gas is expensive!), I can have access to all of my tools, and I have plenty of time and room to dedicate to your issue. Sometimes a simple reinstall can take a few hours! If it's a desktop PC computer, you can just bring the tower. No need to lug your computer screen, mouse, keyboard, and all of those cables. I will provide you with my card, contact information, and whatever else you would need to feel more comfortable leaving your computer in my care. Contact me and lets setup a time to drop it off!

On-Site Service

If you prefer to have me come to you, then I totally understand. This is also a good option when it comes to setting up New systems, Wifi, Printers, and all the other scenarios that require me to be on-site. I charge $75 for the first hour and only $50 per hour after that. 90% of all repairs are finished within an hour so you are only usually looking at $75.

Remote Service *new!*

I now offer Remote Services for all of my customers! What does this mean? Well, If you have an issue that you need fixed, and you want it done quick, then I can remote into your computer and assist you immediately! This will be much more convenient for a lot people rather than having to either drop it off at my house or having to schedule a time for me to come to your location!

What kind of things can we do with remote connection?

- Cleaning/tune up for slow computers

- Install Anti-Virus

- Install Microsoft Office and other programs

- Uninstall troublesome or annoying programs

- Log-in issues

- Quick answers to quick questions

- General check-ups


Get in touch with me

Jesse Edgar
Phone number: (405)326-4011
E-Mail: JesseEdgar1@gmail.com